Costs divorce

Teurlings Advocaten

The costs for a mutual request for a divorce are:


  • FREE OF CHARGE when your income is low
  • Or from €675,-. This price also includes court costs of €314 and VAT (21 %). See for the explanation under FREE DIVORCE
  • Including consensual contract and/or parenting plan: €795,-
  • Additional fee for overseas domicile: €175,-





If your income and assets are not sufficient you might have the right to legal aid. If you are entitled to legal aid you usually only have to pay a contribution  and part of the court office fees.


BUT OUR OFFICE CHARGES NOTHING. So in this case the divorce is totally free for you.


Whether you can apply for this free divorce depends on your joint income and your assets two years ago.

A is when you live alone.

B is when you’re married, live together or live alone with child(ren).

Total income (2021) Assets (2021)
A Less than €30.000,- Less than €31.340,-
B Less than €42.400,- Less than €31.340,-


After the divorce the government checks if the assistance was justified. The aid must be requested in advance. The request will be sent to the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand upon settlement of the divorce. If the aid is cancelled retroactively, you have to pay the regular fee.


A request for legal aid will be submitted by us. We need a copy of your proof of identity, your personal identity/BSN number and personal details.


If your current annual income has fallen by more than 15%, you can request a modification to the reference financial year. This form can only be used after the legal aid application has been submitted, and after the Legal aid council decision has been made. If you already know that you are eligible for legal aid and want to change the reference financial year, you should complete and send the modification to the reference financial year form.




  • €675,-: This price also includes court costs of €314 and VAT (21 %).
  • Including consensual contract and/or parenting plan: €795,-
  • Additional fee for overseas domicile: €175,-


These prices are for divorce petitions submitted to the court in Amsterdam. You do not need to be resident in Amsterdam. You either both have the Dutch nationality or one of you has and lives in the Netherlands more than 6 months or when neither of you has the Dutch nationality one of you must have been registered in the Netherlands more than 12 months.


You can speed up the process by completing the Divorce Intake form and make a payment of the required amount to the following bank account:

  • NL04ABNA0433513276 at ABN AMRO, Amsterdam in the name of Mr. M.C.J. Teurlings make sure to include your surname.
  • For payments from overseas use the following codes: SWIFT code ABNANL2A, IBAN code NL04ABNA0433513276.


Work will begin only after receipt of payment. You have the right to cancel your order. If you have not sent documents to us, if the draft plans have not been sent to you and if the divorce petition has not been submitted for these reasons, we will refund you the full amount paid. If you have paid and we have sent you the required documents (or some of the required documents), we will draft the documents immediately, as promised. If the divorce has been cancelled, we will only refund the court office fees, as we will have already carried out our work.